Polish Seed Trade Association associates and represents

breeding, seed production companies and distributors of seed.

Polish Seed Trade Association is the only chamber of commerce in the seed industry in Poland. The origins of the formation date back to the 90s of the twentieth century, and currently there are 85 national and foreign affiliates, heaving share for about 80% of the market for agricultural, vegetable and fruit seeds. The PIN members are breeding and seeding companies as well as distributors of seed material. These companies work together for the development of breeding and seed production, implement biological progress into agricultural practice. Every member can become a member of the Chamber (an ordinary member, an affiliate, affiliate). The participation is fully voluntary, all activities and initiatives are financed from the earned profit and annually paid contributions.
  • Higher yield
  • Better harvesting quality
  • Better prices on sale
  • Reduction of production costs: lower sowing rate, seasoned seeds, less expenditure on protection
  • The possibility of complaint      Seed subsidies from State Agency (de minimis)
  • NET PROFIT !!!!

The priority objectives of the Polish Seed Chamber are: “Increasing the efficiency of agricultural production by using the biological potential due to increasing the use of certified seeds”.

Such goals can be achieved through:

  • Selection and registration of relevant varieties of agricultural and vegetable plants compatible with emerging with the needs and expectations of farmers, vegetable growers, fruit-growers, processors and consumers,
  • It will make sure that farmers receive high quality certified seed